TCWD Message to our Customers:

Trabuco Canyon Water District (TCWD) wants to assure our customers that the water at your tap continues to be of the highest quality and 100% safe to drink. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has no impact on the quality of your drinking water and there is no need to use bottled water as a substitute.

TCWD's drinking water comes from imported surface water and local groundwater sources, and is filtered and treated with chlorine before entering the water distribution system to ensure that it stays safe through our system to your home. TCWD is also taking steps to ensure that service to our customers will continue uninterrupted so your drinking water is both available and plentiful. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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Customer Service receives many types of calls on a daily basis. Below are some of the common Frequently Asked Questions which may be helpful to you.

  • How do I read my bill?

    If you are confused about your bill we have attached a PDF of a mock bill that will hopefully help you understand the information on your utility bill. If you still have questions please contact Customer Service at 949-858-0277 ext 1


  • When is my bill due?

    TCWD bills are due and payable upon receipt and considered past due if not received by the due date listed at the top right side of the bill. You are generally given four weeks to make a payment from date of bill printing.

    *Accounts starting with 100 through 299, bills are due the 1st Monday of the month. If the first Monday of the month is a holiday, bills are due the following business day.

    *Accounts starting with 300 through 999, bills are due the 3rd Monday of the month. Again, if that Monday is a holiday, bills are due the following business day.


  • How does the “tiering” structure work on the utility bill?

    TCWD bills our customer for the amount of water that is used per Billing Units (BU). Each BU is 748 gallons of water. During summer months (warm season – April-September) we allot each customer 9BU per tier. In the winter months (cool season – October - March) we allot each customer 6 BU per tier. Tier 1 is the lowest rate you can receive per BU. The higher the tier the higher the “per BU cost”. Please contact customer service for current unit rates or refer to the rates/charges spreadsheet.


  • How can I tell if I have a leak?

    If you have noticed and increase in your water bill and your daily habits have not changed you can contact Customer Service and we will send out a Technician to check your meter for movement. If the office is closed and you don’t want to wait to have a technician come out you can do the following: Turn off all the water sources. Go out to your meter which is usually located at the end of your property line by the street or sidewalk. Lift the lid of the meter box and check for the small black or red triangle and look to see if it’s spinning. If it’s not spinning then there is no ongoing leak. If it is spinning you will need to isolate the area of the leak.


  • Do you offer low income family assistance?

    The District appreciates the current economic hardships some of our customer may be experiencing at this time. Unfortunately the District does not have a low income family cost break for those experiencing that situation.


  • Do you offer a discount if I have to empty and refill my pool?

    The District understands that there may be instances when customers require assistance in the event of emergency repairs. Unfortunately, re-filling the water in a homeowner’s pool located at their residence does not constitute an emergency. Furthermore, residential pools are considered recreational features that require ongoing maintenance, which includes the periodic re-filling of water.


  • How do I go about setting up ACH/CC Autopay?

    *If you are interested in setting up ACH through your checking account you will need to fill out the ACH form, attach a voided check and submit that to customer service. You do not need to have a zero balance to have that set up.

    *If you are interested in setting up Autopay through your Credit or Debit card you will need to visit the Online Billing Website and set up an account. If you do not have a zero balance at the time you set up the CC Autopay you will not be able to complete the process. You will need to first get your account to a zero balance by either submitting a payment online, calling in a payment or dropping off a payment to the office. Once the payment has been posted (usually by the next business day) you would need to go back into your web account and complete the CC Autopay process.


  • Why are there spots on my dishes?

    To avoid getting spots on your dishes we recommend that you use a rinse agent in your dishwasher. That should eliminate spots on your dishes.

  • I’m looking into a water softener, what are the hardness levels in the water?

    Please refer to the TCWD Annual Water Quality Report that is available through this website. This is also mailed to all TCWD customers and is available in the District Office.