Master Plan

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The 1999 Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Master Plan Report (PDF) is the first comprehensive planning effort undertaken by the District since 1992. Some of the findings include:

Trabuco Canyon Water District currently services approximately 3,995 connections.

The District obtains water from a variety of sources including the Colorado River Aqueduct, District-owned wells, the State Water Project and inter-ties with other water districts.

Wastewater is collected and reclaimed at the Robinson Ranch Wastewater Treatment Plant. 100 percent of the reclaimed water is used for irrigation purposes. A portion of the District remains unsewered, relying on septic systems.

Current population of the District is approximately 12,616. It is projected to top 17,340 at build out.

Total water and wastewater flows are projected to be:

Existing (1998) AF / yr
Potable 1,938
Non potable 1,938
Total Water 3,876
Wastewater 986
Year 2010 AF / yr
Potable 2,666
Non potable 2,666
Total Water 5,332
Wastewater 1,411
Build-out AF / yr
Potable 3,047
Non potable 2,206
Total Water 5,253
Wastewater 1,949

Other water system findings include a need for additional storage and redundancy in pumping capacity.
  • Over 2.6 million gallons of additional treated water storage capacity for the northern portion of the District and upgrades to existing facilities.
  • Fire protection enhancements throughout the northern portion of the District, as well as the central portion of the Canyon.
  • Wastewater improvements include 1/2 million gallons per day increase in wastewater treatment capacity to meet requirements at build out.
  • Almost 5 miles of additional in-ground pipes.
  • The District should implement significant recycled and reclaimed water programs to reduce reliance on imported domestic water and develop irrigation potential for common area with recycled and reclaimed water.