TCWD Message to our Customers:

Trabuco Canyon Water District (TCWD) wants to assure our customers that the water at your tap continues to be of the highest quality and 100% safe to drink. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has no impact on the quality of your drinking water and there is no need to use bottled water as a substitute.

TCWD's drinking water comes from imported surface water and local groundwater sources, and is filtered and treated with chlorine before entering the water distribution system to ensure that it stays safe through our system to your home. TCWD is also taking steps to ensure that service to our customers will continue uninterrupted so your drinking water is both available and plentiful. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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TCWD is in the process of updating its website to provide greater simplicity and ease of access for the public. Our customers have a right to expect the highest level of transparency when dealing with both the Board of Directors and District staff on any issue that pertains to District business. Additionally, it is our goal to ensure compensation information will become easier to find, and that District customers understand the value of the services we provide.

TCWD provides water, sewer, recycled water, and urban runoff services to approximately 4,000 customers. The District is governed by a five member publicly elected Board of Directors which is responsible for the District's rules, regulations, and policies. The General Manager is the District's chief executive and is responsible for the daily operations of the organization. These responsibilities include the management of a staff of eighteen employees and a combined annual Operating Budget of approximately seven and one-half million dollars.

TCWD's Board of Directors meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the District's Main Office. All Board Member and employee compensation, which includes salaries and benefits, are reviewed and adopted by the Board of Directors in a public meeting process where our customers always have an opportunity to review and comment. The public is encouraged to attend these meetings.

In addition, TCWD fully complies with the specific requirements of the Political Reform Act (financial interests and decision making), Government Code Section 1090 (contracts), the Ralph M. Brown Act (open meetings), and AB 1234 (compensation, expense reimbursement and ethics training). These policy and statutory requirements are designed to ensure transparency and ethical behavior by water district officials.

TCWD's total employee compensation, including health benefits (which includes medical, dental, vision and life insurance), is approved annually by the Board of Directors at the regular Board Meeting scheduled for the month of June. TCWD's Operating Budget is reviewed by the TCWD Finance/AuditEngineering/Operational, and Executive Committees during the month of June, as well. The most current District employee pay table is included below for review. TCWD Board of Directors has not increased their stipends in more than twenty years. Currently, Board Directors receive a per diem stipend of $125.00 per meeting per month, not to exceed ten meetings per month or more than one meeting per day. Additionally, Board Members and employees receive a benchmarked amount for insurance benefits which is reviewed annually. Currently, this amount is approximately $1,970.00 monthly ($1,820.00 for Board Members; they do not receive life insurance benefits). The General Manager's performance and compensation contract is reviewed on an annual basis by the Board of Directors. The General Manager's base salary is included in the District employee pay table, and is available for review at the California State Controller's website.

If you have any questions about TCWD, our compensation or fiscal practices, please contact us.

Original: August 31, 2011
Revised: January 4, 2013