TCWD Message to our Customers:

Trabuco Canyon Water District (TCWD) wants to assure our customers that the water at your tap continues to be of the highest quality and 100% safe to drink. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has no impact on the quality of your drinking water and there is no need to use bottled water as a substitute.

TCWD's drinking water comes from imported surface water and local groundwater sources, and is filtered and treated with chlorine before entering the water distribution system to ensure that it stays safe through our system to your home. TCWD is also taking steps to ensure that service to our customers will continue uninterrupted so your drinking water is both available and plentiful. If you have any questions, please contact us.

In accordance with the District’s General Policy and Rules and Regulations, the Board of Directors sets the rates for water, sewer, reclaimed water, and recycled water. Periodically, the Board reviews the District’s rates and rate structure to determine the need for adjusting rates as deemed necessary and to comply with the following District Mission Statement: 

  • Provide continuous, reliable, and high quality level of water and wastewater services in sufficient quantity for present and future beneficial use
  • Provide all services in a cost-effective and efficient manner
  • Insure compliance with environmental, safety, and regulatory requirements
  • Provide for reliability and emergency preparedness
  • Maintain and improve existing infrastructure
  • Commit to our customers our constant pursuit of these objectives

The Board of Directors is undertaking a review of the District’s Water, Wastewater, Recycled and Reclaimed water rates to ensure that the rates are based on a sound financial plan and the cost of services in accordance with industry standards compliant with Water Code and conservation-based legislation, including Government Code, Article X of the Constitution, Assembly Bill 3030, and Senate Bill x7-7, and implemented in full compliance with Proposition 218. 

The following lists the major tasks associated with the review, evaluation, analysis, and setting of the District’s rates for water, wastewater, recycled water, and reclaimed water: 

  • Data collection and review
  • Rates Study Kickoff Workshop and Pricing Objectives Exercise
  • Financial Plan Development and Review
  • Cost of Services Analysis
  • Utility Rate Model Development and Review
  • Proposition 218 Presentation and Notices

To assist the District, the firm of Raftelis Financial Consultants (RFC) was selected following a thorough review of proposals received from five consulting firms and corresponding reference checks, work products, experience, and available documents. RFC’s documented reports, proven financial/rate setting models and experience with recent water rate rulings were key components in their selection in conducting a study of the District’s rates.

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